Workplace OH&S Solutions are experts at case management. From the onset, we provide invaluable advice and direction to businesses and agents alike. Workplace OH&S Solutions has a proven track record with assisting businesses to reduce their Workers Compensation Premiums.

Workplace OH&S Solutions work with your organisation to ascertain your legal WHS gaps and provide practical down to earth advice. In the area of WH&S, Workplace OH&S Solutions has over 20 years experience.

Our Consultants perform a mulitude of assessments to assist your organisation, from Workplace Assessment, Initial Rehabilitation , Vocational, Ergonomic, Functional, Earning capacity and Job Seeking Assessments and Assistance

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Businesses today must legally comply with all relevant Work, Health and Safety legislation pertinent to their organisation. It is not only legal, practical and cost effective way to manage your business it is also a moral and ethical approach that ensures the well being of your employees.


Those organisations who display a strong commitment to health and safety will reduce the cost of workplace accidents, minimise increases to policy premiums, there will be less disruption to the business ensuring customers needs continue to be met and less social impact for employees.


Workplace OH&S Solutions can assist your business in implementing and maintaining compliance through the following services;


Sydney Metro


Wollongong, Illawarra and South Coast


Southern Highlands




Central Coast


North Coast


Central Tablelands




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Margie is a diverse EHS professional with a comprehensive skill set and extensive experience in all aspects of environmental, health and safety. She is highly proficient at recognizing and analyzing problems and prioviding detailed practical solutions to correct notes deficiencies.

Your implementation of the training regime and the outcome we have  experienced from our management teams involvement has been extremely  gratifying and the success of your professional advice and audits, has  produced a direct reduction and saving in our policy premiums.